Langinkoski manor, Finland, Kotka

Langinkoski imperial fishing lodge Museum of Langinkoski describes Alexander III and his family's living  at 1880's in Langinkoski. Please read on from Wikipedia. The place is unique in that the Fishing Lodge is the only building outside Russia that was once owned by the Emperor of Russia.
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Emperor Alexander III of Russia became fascinated with Langinkoski upon visiting the area. In 1889, he had a fishing lodge built at the site, and he and his family visited the lodge during many summers.  The Fishing Lodge, which has been kept intact since the days of the Imperial family, currently serves as a museum.
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The original furniture is still there. Downstairs are the living room, kitchen, Empress’ dressing room and Emperor’s study. The bedrooms are situated upstairs. The Fishing Lodge is surrounded by a nature reserve. The various tree species, river beds of varying sizes and of course the rapids are also worth seeing. The yard area houses a small Orthodox chapel built by the monks of the Valamo monastery in the early 19th century.

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