Tuhala Witch Well is located in the Rahkvälja landscape protection area in Sulu farmyard - Harjumaa county, Kose parish. During summer the well looks like just another well, the water is inside the well not outside and flooding the surroundings. But in spring things start to change..The well starts to "boil" almost every spring when snow starts to melt - during high water.  By "boiling" i mean that the water erupts from the well, this happens when Tuhala rivers (underground river) water flow exceeds 5000l/min and the water has to find another way, which will be out from the well. The well is 2.4 meters deep. But according to the legend, the well starts to boil when the witches are whisking.According to scientists this well is a very rare and unique nature phenomenon.Since the Witch well is located in the Rahkvälja landscape protection area there is a lot more to see, you can find the additional information in the scene. For example : sculptures by Ülo Õun, springs, energy colum, nature trail.[iframe-popup id="8"]