[:et]Pombali väljak<img src="https://www.tourism360.net/wp-content/uploads/museum35.png"/>[:en]Lisbon, The Marquis of Pombal Square<img src="https://www.tourism360.net/wp-content/uploads/museum35.png"/>[:ET]Lisbon, The Marquis of Pombal Square<img src="https://www.tourism360.net/wp-content/uploads/museum35.png"/>[:]

[:et]Pombali väljak[:en]Lisbon, The Marquis of Pombal Square[:ET]Lisbon, The Marquis of Pombal Square[:]

The Pombal Marquis Square (Praca Marques de Pombal) is located between the Liberty Avenue and Eduardo VII garden. In the centre of this square rises the splendid monument to Pombal, the man who was in charge of Lisbon's reconstruction after the 1755 earthquake. On this monument, the Marquis stands on top of the column with his hand on a lion (symbol of power) overlooking his masterpiece: downtown Lisbon.